ст. м. «Петроградская», ул. Льва Толстого 9А,
МФЦ «Толстой Сквер», с 11:00 до 19:00
ст. м. «Парк Победы», пр. Космонавтов 14,
ТРК «Питер Радуга», с 10:00 до 20:00

Museum of entertaining science «LabirintUm»

The interactive museum of entertaining science «LabirintUm» is opened in St. Petersburg for curious visitors of any age.

The museum exposition is an interactive space filled with amazing mechanisms and technical elements, demonstrating physical, chemical and biological laws. There are more than 170 exhibits located on two areas of the museum. All of them can be activated by one's own hands, following a detailed instruction.

«LabirintUm» guests will be acquainted with outstanding inventions, such as Alexeyev's needle screen, amazing pipe organ and the magic cradle of Newton, get out of the intricate mirror labyrinth, visit the unusual exposition «The Man in numbers» and much more. Would you like to become a part of an electrical chain? Light a fire in the palm of your hand? Touch the lightning? There is nothing impossible for «LabirintUm» guests!

The «LabirintUm» is located within walking distance from the «Petrogradskaya» metro station and the famous sights of St. Petersburg: the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Russian Museum, the Church of the Savior on the Blood, the Leningrad Zoo, the Cathedral Mosque, the Museum of Political History of Russia, the Artillery Museum and others.

The second «LabirintUm» is located in the south of St. Petersburg in the shopping and entertainment complex «Piter Raduga». There is a free bus running from the metro station «Park Pobedy» to the shopping and entertainment complex «Piter Raduga» every 10-15 minutes.


«LabirintUm-1»: metro st. «Petrogradskaya», Lva Tolstogo st., 9A, a separate entrance to the MFC «Tolstoy Square». Tel. +7 (812) 328-00-08.

«LabirintUm-2»: metro st. «Park Pobedy», Kosmonavtov pr., 14, the shopping and entertainment complex «Piter Raduga», 2 floor. Tel. +7 (812) 385-45-25.


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